AndreaMosaic 3.39

AndreaMosaic create digital art using images and computer software

AndreaMosaic is a program to create photographic mosaics with your own pictures.
The program guides you through the whole process in 4 steps.

The first step is to choose the images that you will use as tiles of the mosaic. You will be able to create collections of .JPG files, load a ready-made collection, use the images in black & white, extract images from an .AVI file or use some Photo Utilities.

Next you will be able to choose the width of the mosaic or the tile, the number of tiles per row, and the size of the frame that every tile will have, if any.

You can also set the minimum distance between duplicate tiles, how many times can a tile be repeated, how much can a tile be modified to enhance the result, which algorithm to use and the quality of the output.

The next step is to choose which image will you choose to form with the tiles.

The last step is to create the mosaic. After some minutes, you will see the complete mosaic, formed with the tiles you´ve choose. You can then save the mosaic and print it.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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